3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regimental Colors
3rd VT Volunteer Infantry
Regimental Colors

Updated: October 2014

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Vermont Civil War Hemlocks

Administrative and Field Officers

Administrative Officers

Hemlocks Commander

    Bob Morey


    Bill Minsinger

    Dan Whitcher

    Brad Limoge

Company Adjutant

    Ron MacBruce


    Ron MacBruce

Acting Clerk

    Billing Minsinger

Recruiting Officer

    Uncle Sam

Event Coordinator

    Dave Hare

Newsletter Editor

    Bill Minsinger


    Tom Ledoux

Field Command Structure

3rd Vermont Infantry

    1st Sergeant Steve Wakefield

    Principal Musician Dave Hare

    Color Sergeant Brad Limoge

1st Vermont Battery

    1st Sergeant Doug Grout

    Sergeant Grady Neill

    Sergeant Ron MacBruce

Doug Grout

Dave Hare

Brad Limoge

Ron MacBruce

Bill Minsinger

Bob Morey

Henry Wakefield

Dan Whitcher

Grady Neill

Living History Impressions: Henry Wakefield is Steve Wakefield, George Drown is Brad Limoge, George Southwick is Doug Grout, Wil Palmer is Derek Palmieri.

   Updated April 2013.

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