3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regimental Colors
3rd Infantry
Regimental Colors

Vermont Civil War Hemlocks

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Image Gallery

Photos from the "early days" of the Hemlocks.

Hemlocks firing a Coehorn mortar, circa 1966!

An EARLY skirmish line (circa 1966)

The first "uniform" of the Hemlocks consisted of white pants that were dyed a powder blue (at home), a gray sweatshirt, red suspenders and a kepi. Uniforms were practically non-existent in the mid 60s. Truly authentic uniforms were nowhere to be found! The group soon dropped the sweatshirts when a source for cotton sack coats was found. The more enterprising made their own - more authentic - coats from scratch. Henry Wakefield's wife, Chris, made some of the first ones!

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