3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regimental Colors
3rd VT Volunteer Infantry
Regimental Colors

Updated: October 2014

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1st VT Battery Light Artillery

3rd VT Volunteer Infantry

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Vermont Civil War Hemlocks

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The Hemlocks

2021, 150th Stevens High Alumni Parade, Claremont

2021, Northfield Labor Day Parade

2017, Elmwood Avenue Cemetery, Burlington

2016, Independence Day, Mt. Washington, NH

2015, Breakout at Petersburg

2014, John Wells gravesite in Wolcott

2012, CMOH Marker in Concord

2012, Vermont History Expo

2012, Williamsburg Trip

2002, Winter Quarters

More Parades

1999, 135th Cedar Creek

1999, 18th Vermont Fundraiser

1998, At the 135th Gettysburg

Live-Firing Gun #229

Live Infantry Shoots!

VERY early photos

Original soldiers of the 3rd!

(Vermont in the Civil War Site)

Italo Collection, Gibson Collection, Jones Collection, Charles Collection

Photos from the "early days" of the Hemlocks.

Hemlocks firing a Coehorn mortar, circa 1966!  An EARLY skirmish line (circa 1966)

The first "uniform" of the Hemlocks consisted of white pants that were dyed a powder blue (at home), a gray sweatshirt, red suspenders and a kepi. Uniforms were practically non-existent in the mid 60s. Truly authentic uniforms were nowhere to be found! The group soon dropped the sweatshirts when a source for cotton sack coats was found. The more enterprising made their own - more authentic - coats from scratch. Henry Wakefield's wife, Chris, made some of the first ones!

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