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3rd VT Volunteer Infantry
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Updated: October 2014

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Vermont Civil War Hemlocks

Uncle Abe is Calling YOU!

Now is the time to heed the call to help preserve the Union!

Co. A, Third Vermont Volunteer Infantry

Based in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, the Hemlocks have chosen to portray the Third Vermont, the only Vermont volunteer regiment to rendezvous and train at Camp Baxter, just south of St. Johnsbury. The Third was part of the First Vermont Brigade that, as part of the famous Sixth Corps, participated in most of the heavy fighting involving the Army of the Potomac. The regiment was originally armed with three-band Enfield rifled muskets, a practice followed by the Hemlocks today.

First Vermont Battery of Light Artillery

In 1986, the Hemlocks expanded their military impressions by forming the First Vermont Battery of Light Artillery. Central to this portrayal is an original 3 inch wrought iron rifle and a full-scale reproduction 3 inch wrought iron rifle. These were the types of artillery pieces originally issued to the 1st VT.  Production of this iron-barreled rifled cannon (sometimes referred to as a 3 inch Ordnance Rifle) was begun early in the war following specifications developed by the U.S. Ordnance Department. It quickly won favor with artillerists on both sides of the conflict for its accuracy and ease of movement. The Hemlocks load and fire their wrought iron guns using a variation of the original drill, tempering authenticity with safety.

Getting Started

If you are interested in the Civil War but are not sure you're quite ready or do not have the time for full-scale living history, you will meet like-minded people in our group. Although much of our activity is geared towards living history, the monthly meetings offer opportunities for education and discussion of various Civil War topics. We welcome all members with a desire to participate in this hobby. If you are interested in Civil War living history, the Vermont Civil War Hemlocks is the organization for you.

If you are concerned about the cost, fear not. It is not necessary to obtain the entire uniform and equipage in order to get started. We have a limited amount of equipment available for loan to new members, and many of our present members are willing to lend articles of clothing that are needed and available. You can start out with a small investment and gradually acquire the articles you need over time.

Membership dues are $20.00 per year for individuals, $30.00 per year for families. All funds raised by the Hemlocks go directly to activities promoting the preservation of Vermont's Civil War heritage.

Monthly Meetings

The Hemlocks meet on the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the G.A.R. Room of the Hardwick Memorial Building. Local members of the veterans organization met around the turn of the century in this beautiful old granite structure that was built to honor their comrades' sacrifice. Each meeting usually begins with a program of some sort and a speaker, videotape, or other activity relating to the Civil War. The business meeting takes place after the program. All meetings are open and the public is invited.

Please visit us at one of our meetings or activities this year. Better yet, fill out a membership form and find out how the Hemlocks can bring the Civil War alive for you.

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To get more information about joining the Hemlocks, contact the Recruiting Officer.

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