3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regimental Colors
3rd VT Volunteer Infantry
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Updated: October 2014

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Cartridge Box:

Black model 1855 box with inner pouch and tins. The .69 caliber elongated ball cartridge box is encouraged. Also, cartridge box plate and a cartridge box sling with an eagle breastplate. A quality cartridge box will give years of service.

Cap Box:

Black model 1850 with inner flap and nipple pick.

Bayonet Scabbard:

Model 1858 with two copper rivets for the .58 caliber.

Musket Sling (optional):

Natural leather for the Enfield musket. Oil, do not blacken.


Socket bayonet for Enfield rifled musket. NOTE: Many repro bayonets and scabbards are too long.  Some may not mount on musket without hand work. Make sure the length of the bayonet and scabbard is correct and that they "fix" and "unfix" correctly before going into the field with them. Sgt Wakefield can assist with this problem.


Three-band Enfield; we recommend either Euroarms or Parker Hale. Must be in the white (bright - all bluing and case hardening hues removed). Also, if your rifle musket has a stock finish other than oil (e.g. polyurethane), it must be removed. Remove all "Made in Italy" and other modern markings. Purists will want to replace the barrel bands with correct ones. You can do this work yourself or send out to a person that specializes in "de-farbing" the Enfield.

Once again, we stress that in order to preserve authenticity and help ensure you will receive a quality product, ALL items must be purchased through, or with the approval of, the Quartermaster.


If you have any questions PLEASE contact: Doug Grout, Henry Wakefield or Eric Hector
(see member list for phone numbers, etc.)

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