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Updated: October 2014

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The most common question asked of members is how do I get started and what should I do first? Because the Quartermaster has a limited number of uniforms and equipments that can be borrowed for events, the recommended procedure is to procure the items that are particular to individuals because of size requirements; i.e., forage cap, bootees, trousers, drawers (long underwear), glasses (only if necessary and only in period frames), etc.

Because bootees take the longest to receive we recommend you order these first, well ahead of the time you wish to use them. They also have to be broken in gradually for personal comfort. If you wear glasses these will be equal in importance to the shoes. Period frames can be acquired in antique shops or from a specialty sutler. They should have straight bows and no nose piece other than what is required to hold the glasses together across the bridge of the nose. Once frames are found, an optician can mount lenses in them and you will be all set.

The next clothing should be trousers and braces along with drawers that can be ordered through the Quartermaster along with the other period reproduction items. Once you have cap, bootees, glasses (if needed), trousers, braces and drawers, you should acquire the other recommended items on the list as soon as time and budget allow.

In an effort to maintain authenticity and uniformity, all items must be ordered from or approved by the Quartermaster.

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