3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regimental Colors
3rd VT Volunteer Infantry
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Updated: October 2014

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The Hemlocks principal military impression is that of mid to late 1862 for the 3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry and mid 1863 for the 1st Vermont Battery of Light Artillery. On occasion the group may choose to portray a different period of the War. Accordingly, the following guidelines may be changed slightly. These changes would most likely be subtle in nature - for example, adding corps insignia for an 1864 impression. The following guidelines have been developed over a period of 35 years. They are the result of literally hundreds of hours of research. Creating an accurate impression is a dynamic process. We are constantly discovering new information relating to all aspects of the Civil War soldier. As that new information becomes available and is verified, we make changes in our equipments, rations and camp life. This evolution is an important part of our impression. Our attention to accurate detail is what sets the Hemlocks out among other Civil War units. As a Hemlock soldier, you are expected to comply with the guidelines and are strongly encouraged to participate in the research process.

A word of caution that you will see repeated throughout this document: be very careful when purchasing your uniform and equipments. Unfortunately many of the goods available on the market today are JUNK! Make SURE you know what you are buying. Even if you don't think you have any questions, ASK BEFORE YOU BUY! Inaccurate or incorrect items will not be allowed on the field! You are encouraged to buy QUALITY items. They may cost more to start with but are more authentic and will probably last longer.

Hemlocks uniform/equipment buy back policy:

New Hemlock members are Associate Members (on probation) for one year. After the one year period, the membership will vote to accept the Associate Member as an Active (regular) Member. We realize a person may join the Hemlocks and discover that this hobby is not for them. Should the Associate Member find this to be the case or in the unlikely event that an Associate Member is not accepted for active membership, the Hemlocks may, at their discretion, purchase the Associate Member's uniform and equipment at a price considered to be fair market value, assuming that said uniform and equipment is in good or better condition.

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