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Gun Control

You say, what is gun control doing on a Civil War page?  My belief (and that of many others) is that once the anti-gun segments have attacked and successfully restricted our ownership and use of the more politically high profile guns such as so-called "assault rifle" and handguns, etc., they will extend their net to include "bomb making" materials such as black powder and eventually they will get to such things as .58 caliber Enfields.  Do you know it's entirely possible that C.W. muskets may be captured under a bill making ANYTHING .50 caliber or over and capable of propelling a projectile illegal!!  Since the adverse publicity about .50 caliber rifles, that legislation may not be far off!  And what if a person was restricted to purchasing no more than 1/2 pound of powder every 3 months.  Where would that place our hobby?  You would have to park the artillery and ration musket rounds.  There really are people (politicians among them) that think they should do these types of things in the interest of protecting the public.

I believe anyone who enjoys owning, shooting or collecting firearms should be concerned and should express their opinions to our duly elected representatives in Montpelier and Washington.  To that end, this page will include information and links regarding current or proposed legislation, up-coming votes, etc.  If you care about your rights to own and use firearms - for ANY purpose, I urge to become knowledgeable, talk to other gun owners about doing the same, contact the politicians and VOTE!

Below are links to various resources.  If you know of any that should be added here. please contact the webmaster.

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